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    ​​​​​​​​​​​MasterSeal 7000 CR – Protection and waterproofing for extreme wastewater facilities conditions

    The concrete infrastructure of wastewater treatment systems is subject to complex physical and chemical attacks. MasterSeal 7000 CR​ is specially designed to address these challenges.

    ​Prolong wastewater facilities concrete structures’ life cycle

    MasterSeal 7000 CR's high resistance to abrasion and biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion are ideal to withstand the severe conditions that occur in pretreatment and aeration tanks, digesters, or sewers. Its dynamic and static crack-bridging abilities protect concrete from cracks thus prolonging the structure's life cycle.


     Product properties

     Fast and easy application by rolling or spray at temperatures from 5oC to 35oC

     Excellent curing properties, which reduce downtime

     Specific chemical resistance, including high concentrations of biogenic sulfuric acid

     Crack-bridging for gaps of up to 0.7 mm

     Maximum moisture tolerance, including application on humid substrates

    Fast and Easy application – even on humid substrates

    The easy application of MasterSeal 7000 CR by spray or roller, as well as its compatibility with damp substrates, suits the conditions of wastewater facilities particularly well. Downtime – which is always critical when stopping a wastewater process – is also reduced because of its fast-curing properties that allow contact with water only 24 hours after application at 20ºC. ​


    Challenges in wastewater treatment


    1. Strong waterflow and water containing solid particles > Abrasion

    2. Concrete shrinkage and steel reinforcement corrosion > Cracks, leakage and structural damage

    3. Presence of chemicals and conditions for Biogenic Sulfuric Acid > Chemical attack


    Increase the life cycle of the structures and reducing maintenance and repair

    Fields of application

    • Urban and industrial wastewater treatment both in inflow and outflow areas
    • Biogas plants
    • Secondary containment in industry
    • Sewage effluent pipelines

    Thickener tank at a wastewater treatment plant in Poznan, Poland


    Secondary containment area at a wastewater treatment plant in Málaga, Spain


    Chemical protection of manholes in Italy


    Chemical protection of gunwales in Italy




    Bellandur Lake project reference

    pdf (460.68 Kb)

    Brochure: MasterSeal 7000 CR

    pdf (1.00 Mb)

    Project Reference: Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

    pdf (181.02 Kb)


    Bellandur Lake project reference

    pdf (460.68 Kb)

    Brochure - Construction Solutions for Power and Industry

    pdf (1.50 Mb)

    Brochure - Introduction to Master Builders Solutions

    pdf (2.60 Mb)

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    Download the BIM object for MasterSeal 7000 CR

    Download the BIM object for MasterSeal 7000 CR

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