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    ​​​​MasterSeal NP 474 - Resilient, durable primerless polyurethane sealant and adhesive


    What is MasterSeal NP 474?

    MasterSeal NP 474 is a single component polyurethane-based sealant for floor joints, wall joints in public areas, prisons, schools, colleges, hospitals because of excellent resilience and pick resistance. It cures under the influence of atmospheric humidity and forms a chemical, good mechanical resistance and elastic joint sealant.

    Where is MasterSeal NP 474 used?

    MasterSeal NP 474 is suitable for the following applications:

    • For interior and exterior application
    • For floor connection and expansion joints in buildings and civil structures
    • Non-corrosive
    • For pedestrian and traffic areas (e.g. car decks/parks)
    • For warehouse and production areas
    • For ceramic tile coverings exposed to traffic (e.g. public areas, shopping centers)
    • For medium chemical and mechanical loads (e.g. canteen kitchens, garages)
    • As a strong resilient elastic adhesive for construction and industrial applications

    What are the benefits of MasterSeal NP 474?

    • Single component – easy to use
    • Good mechanical and chemical resistance
    • Excellent adhesion even without primer
    • Fast curing
    • Forms a smooth blister free surface, only when applied onto dry substrates
    • High elastic recovery
    • Good weathering and aging resistance
    • No thermo plasticity (no temperature softening)
    • Fast skinning time. Low risk of dirt pickup
    • Complies to ISO 11600, IVD leaflet No. 1

    Download the MasterSeal NP 474 Techincal Data Sheet

    What is the purpose of joint sealants?

    The integrity of a structure is often as good as the sealants used whenever two surfaces are joined together. Generally, joint sealants perform four basic functions: 

    • ​Prevent the passage of air, water and other environmental elements in or out of a structure
    • Accommodate movement of structures
    • Adhere to a wide variety of substrate materials to which they are applied to
    • Prevent the intrusion of solid materials which could block the joint space and prevent movement

    Basic functions of joint sealants by Master Builders Solutions  

    How to install MasterSeal sealants

    When working with sealants, the most common cause of "callbacks" is sealant failure due to improper surface preparation and sealant application. Master Builders Solutions defines the five basic steps below for proper joint preparation and sealant application. Care must be taken during each of these steps to ensure the successful installation of our MasterSeal sealants.

    MasterSeal sealants installation guide by Master Builders Solutions

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    Brochure: MasterSeal Sealants

    pdf (3.65 Mb)

    Joint Sealants - Solution for Durability and Movement

    pdf (8.78 Mb)

    MasterSeal NP 474 Techincal Data Sheet

    pdf (214.11 Kb)


    Bellandur Lake project reference

    pdf (460.68 Kb)

    Brochure - Construction Solutions for Power and Industry

    pdf (1.50 Mb)

    Brochure - Introduction to Master Builders Solutions

    pdf (2.60 Mb)

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