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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MasterSeal Traffic 1500 - Polyurethane waterproofing, traffic-bearing membrane systems for vehicular and pedestrian areas

    What is MasterSeal Traffic 1500?

    MasterSeal Traffic 1500​ is a liquid-applied, crack bridging traffic deck waterproofing system. It consists of a primer, a one-component elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing membrane, a one-component aliphatic polyurethane wear coat and topcoat. The seamless system helps to protect concrete from freeze or thaw damage and occupied areas below from water damage. It has an attractive, skid resistant, UV and weather resistant finish.

    MasterSeal Traffic 1500 is a multi-layered system and is composed of:

    • Primer
    • Waterproofing Membrane
    • Wear Coat
    • Topcoat


    Two-component, solvent-free, fast s​etting epoxy primer MasterEmaco P 2525, MasterSeal P 2525.

    Waterproofing Membr​​ane:

    Hand-applied, one-component, moisture curing polyurethane membrane MasterSeal M 200.

    Wear Coat:

    One-component aliphatic moisture curing polyurethane MasterSeal TC 225.


    One-component aliphatic moisture curing polyurethane MasterSeal TC 225.

    Where is MasterSeal Traffic 1500 used?

    MasterSeal Traffic 1500​ is ideal for various vehicular or pedestrian traffic solutions. The system can be used on: 

    • ​Exposed decks and ramps where moderate crack bridging and wear resistance are required
    • Intermediate decks underneath offices, sales rooms, storerooms etc. 
    Here are our recommended industries or sectors MasterSeal Traffic 1500 can be used in: 
    • ​Stadiums
    • Balconies
    • Parking garages
    • Commercial construction 
    • Building and restoration
    • Plywood decks or balconies
    • Plaza decks

    How can you benefit from MasterSeal Traffic 1500?

    • Crack bridging - Protect occupied areas below from water damage
    • Easy application – Simple installation with squeegee 
    • Monolithic - Seamless elastomeric membrane, has no seams that may result in leaks
    • Skid-resistant – Profile can be altered to suit your needs and increase safety
    • UV and weather-resistant – Suitable for external application
    • Chloride resistant - Provides protection against chloride intrusion, extending the life of reinforcing steel

    Watch MasterSeal Traffic 1500 application video

    ​Learn how to apply the MasterSeal Traffic 1500 system with our instructional video below. 


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