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    ​​​​Ucrete MF40​AS - Antistatic floors for explosion-hazard areas

    How does Ucrete MF40AS work?

    Ucrete MF40AS is a heavy-duty flow-applied polyurethane antistatic floor finish with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals. It conforms to AgBB and meets all the requirements of EN61340 and EN1081.

    This system is dense and impervious. It provides the ideal floor finish for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries, including clean room, laboratory, packing hall, and warehouse applications, and wherever a robust, long-lasting floor is required.

    What makes Ucrete MF40AS different?

    Ucrete MF40AS flooring’s combination of resistance and durability, together with its antistatic properties, create a unique offering for a safe working environment in the food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.

    Where to use Ucrete MF40AS?​

    Ucrete MF40AS meets customer demands in various industry sectors where robust antistatic floors for dry-process environments and solvent-handling areas are required.

    Ucrete MF40AS is used to protect electrostatic-sensitive devices, in solvent-handling zones and in predominantly dry explosion-hazard areas with hard plastic- and steel-wheeled traffic.

    For flooring in explosion-hazard areas, Ucrete MF40AS is the standout system.​

    How can you benefit from Ucrete MF40AS?

    • Expert Application - Installed only by trained and approved specialist contractors
    • Fast application - Can be applied to 5-day-old concrete/2 day old polymer screed
    • Short curing time - 8-hour access to foot traffic; 20 hours for vehicles
    • Hygienic/safe - Slip-resistant; non-tainting; non-dusting; monolithic (minimum joints); easy to maintain; microbiologically inert
    • Durable/long life- Wide chemical resistance; wear and impact resistant; resists temperature from –20°C to 60°C at 6 mm thickness; 5 years of international use
    • Prepacked- Preweighed/ prepacked for immediate use; batch-to-batch colour matched for consistency
    • Colours - Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Grey, Light Grey, Cream

    Why chose a Ucrete floor?

    Ucrete​ has a long-standing performance record spanning more than 50 years, and many older floors are still in service. Ucrete floors tolerate substrate moisture and are rapid curing, allowing tight construction schedules and reduced downtime in refurbishment applications. They meet every customer requirement: from minimizing program downtime to high slip resistance, a suitable specification can be found.

    Substrate-moisture tolerance and a fast cure mean that refurbishments can be completed quickly, minimizing or completely removing downtime for facility owners. With the option of specifications that provide a full cure at 10°C in five hours, completing repairs over a weekend is a realistic target.

    Ucrete industrial flooring for extreme environmentsUcrete floors do not support biological growth and are accredited for use in facilities with HACCP-based food safety systems. Being solvent-free, they carry the Eurofins Gold Seal for indoor air quality, meaning that they will not taint foodstuffs even during the application, 

    Ucrete’s temperature, chemical, impact, and wear resistance ensures that a correctly specified Ucrete floor will last for many years, removing the health and safety risks of failing floors and the cost of replacement. A Ucrete floor offers excellent value, thanks to this longevity.​

    Learn more about Ucrete in our brochure


    Ucrete Brochure

    pdf (10.83 Mb)

    Ucrete MF40AS-C: Technical Data Sheet

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    Atlas Honda Project Reference

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    Botanee Group Central Factory Project Reference

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    Brochure - Construction Solutions for Power and Industry

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