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    ​​​​​Master Builders Solutions - legacies of innovation connected under one brand

    Master Builders Solutions represents more than 100 years of experience, innovation and expertise in the construction industry, providing advanced chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. Since the early 1900's, the company has pushed the limits of chemistry and convention to develop and introduce products that improve construction in any application.

    More than a century of experience

    1900s: The expansion of industrialization and reform in the early 1900s help to drive innovation and invention….

    Chemist and visionary S.W. Flesheim established Master Builders Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio seeking to bring innovative solutions to the construction industry.

    L. Sonneborn Sons, Inc. was founded offering new and innovative surface treatment products for flooring and waterproofing applications.

    Hydrozo, Inc. began manufacturing water-repellent sealers.

    1910s: The start of this decade boasted a strong economy that continued to foster new business and industry opportunities…

    Thoro System Products was founded by Edward H. Canon, a construction engineer. Canon developed the Thoro System of waterproofing to end the many disappointing and frustrating methods that were available to contractors of the period. With the help of his brother, Benjamin, Canon developed his own formulas, improved them from job to job and eventually formulated the products    Thoroseal,  Waterplug and Quickseal.

    Lapidolith was introduced as one of the first building products marketed by Sonneborn and is still sold today for sealing concrete to protect surfaces and increase strength and durability.

    1920s: Factories were booming in the 1920s producing the latest inventions. With the robust economic growth, cities were being constructed to accommodate the expanding needs of the industry….

    Embeco non-shrink cement grouts with metallic aggregates were used to secure heavy machinery to factory floors helping to avoid disruptions in production and manufacturing.

    New "winter built" Master Mix cement mortar and Masterbuilt flooring systems allowed construction to continue, even at temperatures below freezing, changing the face of construction.

    1930s: In the wake of the Great Depression, sports, arts and connecting in different ways became an important aspect of life for many through the decade's hardships…

    Master Builders was connecting technology to performance by revolutionizing concrete with the first water reducing admixture,    Pozzolith, air-entraining admixture Micro Air and accelerating admixtures that improved the quality and durability of concrete, and introduced uniformity of concrete construction.

    1940s: Infrastructure demands of the World War II era challenged the construction industry to develop building techniques that would promote durable, cost effective and long-lasting structures….

    Master BuildersTechnologies continued to evolve and progress. High-quality, high-performing Pozzolith admixture became a staple in new construction and MasterKure curing agent marked a significant step forward in concrete curing.

    1950s: The 1950s was an era of stability, change and growth. A strengthening economy and a growing national infrastructure drove construction technologies to support the growing consumerism…

    The introduction of Masterflow epoxy grout laid the foundations for stable infrastructures worldwide. Sonolastic HLM S​​​ealant was introduced.

    Thoroclear and Thorosheen were introduced to help protect concrete surfaces from the elements.

    1960s: The 1960s was a time of cultural revolution and breaking away from the norm. New options in construction technology helped translate the sentiment of the era…

    Ucrete cementitious polyurethane technology was the first highly durable seamless floor for industrial applications. Its long-term toughness and durability in extreme industrial environments have earned its reputation as "The Floor That Lasts."

    1970s: This decade saw the birth of the modern-day skyscraper and construction experts across the globe were taking on engineering challenges and aiding construction of some of the world's most cutting edge structures…

    Rheobuild superplasticizer for ready-mix and precast applications increased concrete workability, allowing buildings to reach record-breaking heights.Introduction of Sonneborn NP1 and NP2  line​​ of high performance, 1K and 2K polyurethane sealant technology, helped to seal and protect buildings from air and moisture infiltration.

    The Masterflow line of precision grouts were introduced.

    1980s: Thinking and building bigger became the buzz words in the 1980s, with the rise of pop culture and new advances in computers and construction technology…

    Polyheed, the first mid-range water-reducing admixtures and Mastertop epoxy and polyurethane-based flooring systems.ChemRex branded products are added to the portfolio offering specialized polyurethane based sealants and repair mortars.The newly patented DELVO Stabilizer, enabled hydration of concrete to temporarily be stopped, reducing waste associated with returned concrete and concrete washwater.Pozzutec 20 protects wet concrete from freezing down to 20 degrees F.

    Hydrozo revolutionized the water-repellent market with the introduc​​​​tion of Enviroseal 20 and 40, the first water-based silane sealers that combined the high performance of alkysilanes while eliminating harmful organic solvents.

    1990s: The 1990s began the age of instant connections and fast paced communications. Likewise, revolutionary projects were being matched with innovative construction products that could make them a reality….

    Rheocrete corrosion inhibiting admixtures.New Glenium polycarboxylate admixture technology helped make concrete a more versatile material and is an integral chemistry in the production Rheodynamic self-consolidating concrete.Rheomac UW 450 new anti-washout admixture enabled concrete to be placed underwater.M-brace system strengthened and repaired concrete through the use of flexible carbon-fiber and epoxy resins.Emaco concrete repair mortars promoted rapid and lasting structural repairs.Sonlastic 150 VLM introduced as the first hybrid sealant in the US.

    Underground Construction sprayed concrete technologies for the tunneling and mining industries.

    2000s: The 21st century marked a renaissance in construction technology. Environmentally sustainable, labor-saving and energy saving products were in demand, driven by a society concerned about its diminishing natural resources…

    Invented 4x4 Concrete System for fast-track paving projects.Sonolastic TX-1 introduced as a textured 1K polyurethane sealant.Developed the first admixture system for pervious concrete applications.Introduced Masterseal CP surface-applied solution to inhibit the electrochemical corrosion process.Introduced MasterFiber products for reinforced concrete.Parkcoat highly reflective,water-based acrylic coating introduced, creating brighter parking structures.Zero C repair mortar introduced to promote longer lasting concrete repairs by providing excellent bond, optimized cracking resistance, low permeability and high compressive strength.

    Green Sense Concrete mixture optimization service introduced measured with EEA technology.

    2014: Master Builders Solutions is launched.

    With the introduction of Master Builders Solutions to the construction industry, BASF launched a host of new and innovative technology including….

    MasterFlow 4316 hybrid performance precision grout combining the strength of an epoxy grout with the ease of application of cementitious grouting materials.MasterSeal NP100 high performance joint sealant offers strong, primerless adhesion to the broadest range of substrates.MasterLife CRA 007 breakthrough crack-reducing admixture technology for concrete.

    EPDs - a third-party critically reviewed Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Manager tool for concrete.

    ​2020: MBCC Group formed

    MBCC Group emerged from the former BASF Construction Chemicals business after its acquisition by an affiliate of Lone Star, a global private equity firm, and started operations as of October 1, 2020.

    MBCC Group is one of the leading suppliers of construction chemicals and solutions worldwide and offers innovative and sustainable products and solutions for the construction industry across different sectors, such as buildings, structures, underground construction, new construction, as well as for renovation. MBCC Group is amongst the globally leading suppliers of Admixture Systems and amongst leading players in the highly fragmented Construction Systems market.