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    Construction Sealants

    Protect the Long-Term Integrity of Your Structure with MasterSeal Sealants​

    Even seemingly small moisture leaks in structures can cause major damage that disrupts lives and business operations. For contractors, architects and engineers, moisture issues can cause costly callbacks, damaged reputations and strained relationships. All that makes using the right construction sealant or caulk a critical detail in building construction. 

    MasterSeal Is the Versatile Choice

    MasterSeal construction sealants are designed for longevity and ease of application, offering the following benefits to keep buildings watertight:​​

    • Tenacious adhesion that bonds to multiple substrates, for application versatility 
    • Flexibility to withstand exposure to movement, weather and aging
    • Long-lasting durability
    • Wide range of colors to meet your aesthetic requirements
    • Ease of use, speeding up jobsite application

    Construction Sealant Products

    Gun-Grade / Non-Sag Sealants

    MasterSeal HY 35

    High Performing, Quick Skinning, Hybrid Sealant

    MasterSeal NP 1

    One-component, polyurethane sealant with movement capability ±35% | Versatile - bonds to concrete, masonry and many other substrates without a primer | Weather-resistant for long-lasting, weathertight seals | Ideal for windows, doors and siding

    MasterSeal CR 195

    One-component polyurethane sealant with movement capability ±25% | Abrasion, puncture and pick-resistant | Ideal for security and institutional applications

    MasterSeal NP 2

    Multi-component, polyurethane sealant with movement capability ±25% | Long pot life for extended working time | Withstands pedestrian and vehicular traffic | Accelerator available for fast cure in cold climates

    MasterSeal NP 100

    Hybrid sealant – combines polyurethane & silicone properties | Movement capability ±50% | Strong adhesion to a wide range of substrates including metal, vinyl, PDVF coatings, concrete, wood, masonry & stone.

    MasterSeal NP 125

    One-component thermoplastic sealant and adhesive | Available in clear, white, black and brush-grade | Bonds to wide variety of materials | Ideal for roofing applications

    MasterSeal NP 150

    Hybrid sealant – combines polyurethane and silicone properties | Ideal for Stucco and EIFS | Resists chalking, fading and cracking from UV exposure | Compatible with elastomeric coatings and can be painted soon after installation

    MasterSeal TX 1

    One-component polyurethane sealant with movement capability ±25% | Textured appearance blends well with many masonry substrates | Ideal for brick and concrete

    MasterSeal NP 520

    Single-component, siliconized acrylic latex sealant | Enhanced adhesion and weatherability for long-lasting seals | Can be painted in 2 hours after application
    Joint Fillers

    MasterSeal CR 100

    Polyurea joint filler protects joints in industrial concrete floors | Excellent resistance to spalling, abrasion, chemical attach and corrosion | Fast curing technology for faster return to service

    MasterSeal CR 190

    Epoxy joint filler protects joints in industrial concrete floors | Excellent resistance to spalling, abrasion, chemical attach and corrosion
    Pourable / Self-Leveling Sealants

    MasterSeal CR 125

    Polyurethane sealant for horizontal joints in chemical & industrial environments | Movement capability ±25% | Weather, chemical & jet fuel resistant

    MasterSeal SL 1

    One-component polyurethane sealant with movement capability ±35% | Excellent adhesion to concrete and metal | Use where abrasion and puncture resistance are required | Ideal for horizontal applications like sidewalks & concrete floors

    MasterSeal SL 2

    Two-component polyurethane sealant with movement capability ±25% | Forms a tough, resilient joint seal that resists penetration & abrasion | Suitable for water immersion | Ideal for horizontal applications like traffic & plaza decks

    MasterSeal SL 180

    Flowable polyester sealant | Designed for traffic control industry to embed and protect detector loop wire for traffic signals and parking gates | Cures quickly to minimize traffic disruption
    Primers & Accessories

    MasterSeal P 173 and P 176

    Quick drying primer for joints and substrates | Use before application of MasterSeal NP 1, NP 2, NP 150, TX 1, CR 195, SL 1 & SL 2 joint sealants to improve adhesion to substrates that require a primer

    MasterSeal P 179

    Quick drying primer for porous substrates such as concrete, masonry and stone when using MasterSeal NP 150 / NP 150 Tint base
    Construction sealant being used to fill an exterior joint.

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