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    ​Sports & Entertainment Industry

    Floors that enhance the experience

    From the seating areas and concourses to the concession areas, restrooms and locker rooms, floors need to be safe, attractive and resistant to spills and stains. Master Builders Solutions flooring systems have been used for decades in stadiums, arenas and public assembly facilities around the world and provide:

    • Ease of maintenance combined with durability
    • Resistance to spills and stains
    • Excellent weatherability
    • Skid resistance
    • Wide variety of colors and finishes

    Products Headline

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    High-performance flooring solutions specially designed for the most demanding requirements

    MasterTop 1213 Metallic

    Mastertop 1254

    Trowel-applied heavy duty decorative floor with textured finish | Clear gloss coat over multicolored quartz coat creates a unique, decorative appearance | Trowel base accommodates damaged surfaces for greater impact resistance and service life

    MasterTop 1213

    High build epoxy system | Abrasion and UV resistant polyurethane topcoat | UV stabilizers for color retention

    MasterTop 1234

    Epoxy-resin binder with colored quartz aggregates | Texture can be varied | Good abrasion resistance | Wide in-service range for hot or cold environments | Standard and custom color blends

    MasterTop 1235SL

    Self-leveling epoxy system | Designed for fast installation | Good chemical and slip resistance | Wide in-service range for hot or cold environments

    MasterTop 1244

    Trowel-applied epoxy with colored quartz aggregates | Provides more color depth, a smoother finish and greater durability than MasterTop 1234 | Can utilize terrazzo strips to create decorative patterns

    MasterTop 1249CLAD

    Trowel applied decorative epoxy system | Provides good abrasion and impact resistance for heavy duty industrial environments | Attractive, natural aggregate appearance | Wide in-service range for hot or cold environments

    MasterTop 1820SRS CP

    Roll applied coating system with pigmented, smooth or slip-resistant surface | Excellent chemical resistance | UV-resistant for long term color performance | Seamless, impervious floor is easy to clean and maintain

    MasterTop 1851SRS CF

    Flexible self-leveling system with decorative flake broadcast | Seamless, impervious floor is easy to clean and maintain | UV-resistant for long term color performance | Decorative flake broadcast helps hide dirt

    Ucrete HP/F

    Flow applied, urethane concrete slurry broadcast resurfacing system | DP systems | Decorative colored flake aggregate provides slightly textured surface
    Sports & Entertainment Industry

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