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    Cathodic Protection / Anode

    Reduce maintenance and extend service life of concrete structures

    MasterProtect® Anodes protect against corrosion in steel-reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, parking structures and piers. The zinc anodes are enclosed in mortar with tie wires that easily connect to the reinforcing steel. The zinc core generates a small electric current as it is consumed, protecting the reinforcing steel from accelerated corrosion. Benefits include:

    • Concrete structures have a longer service life and maintenance costs are reduced
    • Lower pH mortar is non-caustic and safer to handle than high-alkali mortars 
    • Pre-twisted wires make installation fast and easy
    • 50% increased efficiency versus other anodes, due to increased zinc surface area
    • Three different sizes accommodate a wide range of project needs

    Cathodic Protection / Anode Products

    MasterProtect 8065CP/8105CP/8150CP

    Chelation driven system | 65-160 grams of zinc

    Cathodic Protection / Anode

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    Master Builders Solutions Technical Support

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