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    Carbon Fiber Wraps

    The lightweight powerhouse of structural reinforcement

    MasterBrace Strengthening Systems are composed of fiber reinforced fabrics that are wrapped around a structure and coated with an epoxy resin. Once dry, these systems strengthen concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures and can be up to 10 times stronger than steel, yet thinner and flexible.  Because they are easy to install, they reduce labor costs and downtime.Typical uses include:

    • Increase load bearing capacity of concrete beams, slabs and walls
    • Repair or prevent seismic damage
    • Replace damaged or missing reinforcing steel

    Carbon Fiber Wrap Products

    Carbon Fiber Wrap Accessories

    MasterBrace Composite Laminates and Rod

    Increase load bearing capacity of concrete beams and slabs | Strengthens without reducing overhead clearance

    MasterBrace FIB 300-50CFS

    Very high strength carbon fiber | Withstands sustained and cyclic load conditions

    MasterBrace FIB 600-50CFS

    Very high strength carbon fiber | Improve the cyclic ductility of concrete columns | High strength to weight ratio

    MasterBrace FIB 900-50FG

    High strength E-Glass fiber | Outstanding long-term physical and mechanical properties

    MasterBrace P 3500

    First step in the MasterBrace System, ensures adhesion to substrate | Penetrates the pore structure to provide high bond base

    MasterBrace F 2000

    Levels small surface defects and provides a smooth surface to which the | MasterBrace System will be applied

    MasterBrace SAT 4500

    Use to encapsulate any MasterBrace fabric | Low odor

    MasterBrace SAT 4700

    Use to coat any MasterBrace fabric | Vertical and overhead applications in low temperature environments down to 35 Deg F (2 Deg C)
    Carbon Fiber Wraps

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