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    ​Penetrating Water Repellents​

    Protect concrete and masonry from the elements

    MasterProtect water repellents protect concrete and masonry surfaces from the damaging effects of wind-driven rain, freeze-thaw, moisture and chloride ion intrusion from de-icing salts. Whether your application is vertical or horizontal, our repellents:

    • Penetrate the substrate without leaving a film on the surface
    • Allow moisture vapor to escape, while maintaining the original appearance of the substrate
    • Seal and protect for years to come

    Surface Applied Water Repelling Products


    MasterProtect H 1001

    Clear, 100% silane, penetrating water, oil & stain repellent sealer | Provides long-lasting protection to horizontal substrates subject to traffic abrasion, such as bridge decks & highway surfaces

    MasterProtect H 400

    Water-based, 40% silane, penetrating sealer | Provides long-lasting protection against moisture intrusion, freeze-thaw cycles & chloride intrusion | Dries clear & does not alter surface appearance

    MasterProtect H 440HZ

    Breathable, solvent-based, 40% silane, penetrating sealer | Excellent for cold weather | Protects against damage caused by chloride intrusion | Helps reduce efflorescence, atmospheric staining & mildew | Clear & does not alter surface appearance

    MasterProtect H 107

    Breathable, water-based, silane water-repellent sealer | For use on a multitude of vertical surfaces, including poured-in-place concrete, brick, stucco & precast concrete | Cost-effective solution for protecting substrates from water & the elements

    MasterProtect H 177

    Breathable, water-based, silane water-repellent sealer | Designed for dense, vertical masonry surfaces like hard-burnt brick, stucco & natural stone | Provides long-lasting protection against moisture intrusion

    MasterProtect H 185

    Breathable, water-based, patented silane water repellent sealer | Provides long-term protection for the most challenging split-faced & lightweight block as well as standard CMU | Dries clear & does not alter surface appearance

    MasterProtect H 440VT

    Clear, breathable, solvent-based, 40% silane, penetrating water-repellent sealer | Designed to protect new & existing vertical concrete & masonry services that are exposed to weathering elements & chloride ions | Excellent for cool weather applications
    Vertical & Horizontal

    MasterProtect H 1000

    Clear, 100% silane, penetrating sealer | Highest degree of water repellency & penetration | Excellent chloride ion & freeze-thaw protection Ideal for cool weather applications | Protects new and existing concrete

    MasterProtect H 200

    Clear, water-based, 20% silane, penetrating sealer | Can be used on a multitude of surfaces including concrete, brick, stucco & precast concrete | USDA-certified (non-food contact areas) | Does not alter surface appearance
    Surface Applied

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