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    Pile Encapsulation

    Structural repair in marine environments

    Nature’s forces of deterioration are constant and unrelenting. Nowhere is this fact more evident than in marine environments, where corrosion, wave action, marine organisms and other forces are continually at work. The impact of deterioration can range from aesthetic issues to the general serviceability of a structure, including loss of section and reduced load bearing capacity. Severe deterioration can even result in the abandonment of a structure.

    The Advanced Pile Encapsulation Process has been designed to address these issues. Since 1984, MasterBrace Pile Encapsulation Systems have been used on a wide variety of marine and industrial applications, including bridges, offshore oil and gas structures, dams, piers, pipelines and chemical process facilities.

    Pile Encapsulation Products


    MasterBrace 6061UW

    Marine grade adhesive adheres to wood, concrete or steel, above or below water line | Seals seems in FRP jackets and forms

    MasterBrace 6063UW epoxy paste component of APE system

    Marine grade adhesive adheres to wood, concrete or steel, above or below water line | Easy to apply; can be glove applied in thicknesses up to 1 inch (25 mm) in a single application | Suitable for low-temperature application; cures down to 40° F (4° C)

    MasterBrace 6000UW

    Marine-grade epoxy grout bonds underwater (seawater or fresh) to wood, concrete or steel | Combined with MasterBrace 6060FR jackets to encapsulate structures and/or restore section loss
    Pile Encapsulation

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