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    ​​​Quebec Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant Turns to Master​ Builders Solutions for Flooring Solutions

    Agro 100 in Joliette, Quebec develops, manufactures, and markets liquid fertilizers for a large variety of crops in North America. Its goal is to create value for agricultural operations generating high yields, soil productivity and growth. However, the very nature of this facility’s products created significant wear and tear to the plant flooring. 

    Fermentation of their fertilizer products creates a high concentration of Acetic Acid (92%) which is corrosive to the facility floors. Master Builders Solutions was brought in to remedy the flooring issues, which in addition to Acetic Acid attack included such challenges as vehicular impact, humidity, no vapor barrier under the slab and aggressive cleaning protocols. 

    The solution to all these issues was the application of our Ucrete Broadcast system with MasterTop TC 570CR (Novolac epoxy topcoat) as an alternative to demolishing the old concrete slab (and needing to reconstruct it every 5 – 10 years). 

    Surfacex, an authorized installer, and Platinum level applicator with Master Builder Solutions, implemented the successful updating of the Agro 100 facility with Ucrete, the world’s toughest cementitious urethane flooring. Dealing with the caustic consequences of Acetic Acid 92% demanded the toughest flooring possible. 

    Ucrete DP BC6 is a high-grip, slip resistant floor with excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Adding the MasterTop TC 570CR​ topcoat provides the highest level of chemical resistance for exposure in the harshest industrial environments. Together, these products create a long-lasting new floor proven over decades of use in identical environments. This long-term performance results in minimized life-cycle costs. 

    This is not just a flooring success story, but also a tale of ecosystem stewardship.

    While rigorously respecting the environment, Agro-100 strives to improve agricultural profitability through better soil health, optimal crop performance, and sustainable development. Master Builders Solutions strives to create products which reduce the carbon footprint, reduce the consumption of resources, reuse structures and promote the health of occupants. Together, these two companies reflect how the manufacturing process can make a positive impact on infrastructure, performance, and productivity without negatively impacting the environment.

    We demonstrate that business success can be had, profits can grow, and essential products can command the marketplace while always affirming our responsibility to the future.