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    Dairy Facility use Master Builder Solutions Flooring for Safety, Stability & Sterilization

    High Desert Milk is a dairy cooperative in Burley, Idaho, the agricultural heart of the state. Their stated mission, and vision is to maintain the highest quality performance, and to manufacture the highest quality products. Master Builders Solutions helped the dairy maintain its high standards with the installation of a Ucrete DP and TCCS floor system perfectly suited for its needs. 

    An excellent choice, since Ucrete is one of the most widely used cementitious polyurethane flooring materials in the dairy industry globally (as well as in a broad variety of other types of facilities where hygiene, chemical resistance, and durability are mandatory).   

    Why did High Desert make this choice? Their products include dry milk powder, butter, and cream. Thus, it has adopted protocols to increase cleanliness and efficiency, allowing it to meet and exceed state, federal (USDA), and international regulations, plus most importantly, customer expectations. Master Builders Solutions’ Ucrete flooring choices are designed to help such facilities maintain those high standards.

    Specifically, High Desert is committed to the lowest thermophilic (heat-loving) spore counts and low bacteria counts in its production processes. Ucrete DP system floors don’t support biological growth, and are accredited for use in facilities operating HACCP* food safety systems. Ucrete DP also withstands aggressive chemicals found in dairy facilities such as lactic acid and sterilization chemicals. Plus, it’s unaffected by temperatures that would cause delamination and failure in other flooring products.  

    Enhanced Resistance to Discoloration from Ultraviolet Light

    Another important consideration for High Desert was a new floor with high UV resistance. Master Builders Solutions once again met that need with a color stable topcoat (TCCS) that has exceptional enhanced resistance to discoloration from ultraviolet light. TCCS is an innovative flooring technology that is perfect for environments which require both non-fading durability and a slip-resistant surface for worker safety. 

    High Desert delivers and processes 2.33 million pounds (1,004,292 liters) of milk daily, and is currently expanding its capacity to 4.7 million pounds (2,049,889 liters) per day. This creates exceptional demand on its people, and its facility. A demand met by a continuing investment in the facility. An investment which included a new flooring system by Master Builders Solutions.

    With decades of proven performance, Ucrete flooring with TCCS is a dependable investment for any dairy facility. 

    * HACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards