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    ​​​​MasterSeal AWB 970 NP

    Flashing membrane

    How does MasterSeal® AWB 970 NP​ work?

    MasterSeal® AWB 970 NP is a 20-mil thick, self-adhering, self-sealing, composite membrane of polyester fabric and butyl adhesive. MasterSeal® AWB 970 NP is supplied in rolls, on release paper, for easy application.​

    Recommended uses:

    1. ​Used as an air barrier accessory to connect different air barrier materials or assemblies together to make the air barrier continuous.
    2. Flashing at sills, approved sheathing joints, rough openings, and terminations.
    3. As an expansion joint seal.

    MasterSeal® AWB 970 NP is approved for use on these acceptable substrates and other surfaces:
    1. ​​Wood framing (Note: Verify adhesion before applying to wood that has been treated in any way.)
    2. ASTM C1177 sheathings, e.g. eXP™, GlasRoc®, Securock™ and DensGlass™
    3. Water-resistant core gypsum sheathing (ASTM C79/ASTM C1396)
    4. Cement-board (ASTM C1325 Type A Exterior)
    5. Masonry
    6. Exposure 1 or exterior plywood sheathing
    7. Exposure 1 OSB
    8. Steel framing
    9. Master Builders Solutions Air / Water-Resistive / Vapor Barriers and Master Builders Solutions Wall System’s Air / Water-Resistive / Vapor Barriers and Base Coats.​

    What are MasterSeal® AWB 970 NP​'s unique features and benefits?

    • Primerless application – 1 step application, no primer required
    • Supplied in rolls on release paper - Easy application
    • Use as part of adhesively applied EIFS
    • 180-day UV exposure  - Flexible construction scheduling
    • Meets AAMA 711-13 

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